Concept Artist

Concept Artist

19 Jul
Liquid Animation

19 Jul

Liquid Animation


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Liquid Animation is a 2D/3D animation company working on an extensive and diverse range of entertainment properties for international clients as well as our own intellectual properties. We are looking for an experienced concept designer to join our team, either in-house or remote. You will work across various illustrative styles.

You will work closely with our Director's and Lead Artists to provide concept art, illustration, and visual design support for our partners to ensure that our characters and worlds are authentically realised.

If you’re working remotely, you’ll need to be available to have regular calls/video calls and have a strong commitment to meeting deadlines.

The CA position is responsible for:

Creating high-quality character and environment concept art and design in a broad range of styles and mediums from animation to film and mobile games. Including character posing, expressions, personality sketches, and designing unique worlds.

Deliver quality work in a timely and effective manner for all assignments, while working closely with the Creative team to ensure that ?nal art is completed for packaging and distribution to our partners.

Assist in our various IP properties, including creating concept art, illustrations, or graphic designs to help communicate our feedback to our partners, or to assist them in achieving the project's visual goals

Skills & Requirements

Skillsets we are looking for:

Solid demonstrated drawing skills with an understanding of art and visual design principles and techniques relating to character and environmental design. Comprehension of animation principles, character posing, character expression, and solid layout skills is essential.

Strong understanding of employing light, shadow, colour, form, composition, and perspective to create compelling still images full of mood and atmosphere

Ability to work in a broad range of visual styles, including digital 2D/3D animation, game design, traditional animation design and also realist styles.

Demonstrated ability to be flexible, detail-oriented and have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

The ability to follow and understand art notes and adapt them to tasks with vivid imagination and creativity while staying in the project's scope is essential, as is the ability to present ideas with clarity, conviction, and collaborative understanding to in-house Directors, Leads, and our clients.

Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Suite: Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and knowledge of 3D programs like Maya 3D are an advantage.

Experience in UI design and interactive work is an advantage.

Additional Information

Working remotely is an option

How to Apply

Your portfolio should contain the best examples of your work, including a range of character designs, character expressions, background design, and props. We would like to see both line and colour artwork from early sketches to final artwork. A selection of your best life drawing and character studies is beneficial.

Liquid Animation is part of a media and entertainment group combining a world-class animation and design. With animation, live-action and digital production studio all under one roof, we have created an environment where technology meets art.

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